Misfuel Service

Emergency Roadside Misfuel Service

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is an easy mistake, that thousands of motorist’s make each year, so you’re not alone. Westbourne can solve the problem quickly and effectively and normally there is no lasting damage caused.

Here’s what to do if you've put the wrong fuel in:

1. Don't try to start the car

  • This is important - starting the car can cause permanent damage and mean costly repair work.
  • Remove the keys from the ignition instead.

2. Get to a safe location

  • Put the car in neutral.
  • If you’re still at the petrol station, get someone to help you push the car to a safe spot.

3. Book online

We aim to be with you within 90 minutes although waits can be longer at peak times.

  • Our Mis-fuel team are on-hand to come out to you.
  • We'll drain the wrong fuel and put in the right one.
  • You'll have enough of the correct fuel to get you going.

Cost for a standard fuel drain on cars and vans up to 3500 is £249.99.

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If you have put Ad Blue in the tank by mistake, we will need to assess the vehicle in one of our fully equipped workshops and quote for the repair which will involve removing the fuel tank(s) in most cases – the vehicle will need to be recovered so to arrange this and discuss your options please call us on 01444 480192 or chat with us online. This repair may be covered by your insurance policy if you have comprehensive insurance